RBW Design Build combines years of building experience with creative problem solving and vernacular design.  History has eroded the role of the Master Builder, segmenting architectural design from on-site building practices.  We believe each must feed and inform the other.  Designed with building in mind, built with design in mind– cohesive and connected throughout the process. This approach brings efficiency to the process and more control, of both the budget and the end result, to the customer.

Reciprocal Roof Test

Not just a job– our mission, our goal, what gets us out of bed in the morning is much more than building another house or addition.

  • Quality workmanship is a given. It’s a baseline.
  • Thoughtful, custom design is also a necessity. No two customers are the same — why should their solutions be?
  • Great communication and smart decision making allow our customers to control their budgets.  A budget is a critical design tool, not a de facto result.
  • The life of a building continues long after we’re gone from the job site. Building efficiently and sustainably will ensure a more comfortable, less costly, and more maintainable structure. Educating our customers about their green options is key.
  • RBW Design Build is committed to being a local employer, local buyer, and to improving our link in the chain of the local economy. We aim to teach new skills and trades to local men and women whenever possible.

 RBW Design Build holds a Class A license #2705134132

We encourage all potential customers to know who they hire.  .  Contractors are regulated in Virginia by the Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation or DPOR.