Our work around the shore includes new construction and historical renovation, simple and complex, beautiful and utilitarian, large and downright tiny.

Montessori Classrooms:

Thoughtful choices are at the heart of the Montessori method. Working for the Montessori Children’s House of Franktown brought out the team’s creativity full force. Within a tight budget and even tighter schedule, we crafted a cheerful classroom environment, including new furniture, a quiet room a.k.a. the fish bowl, and a science island.


Timberply Construction:

Timberply is a method of construction we’ve developed that translates traditional timber framing methods into precision cut CNC timbers. Designed and built in the shop, the structure assembles quickly on site and can be finished in a variety of ways.



Read more about some of our recent featured projects: the “Master-ful Addition“, an all new “18thC Smokehouse“, or the “Seamless Integration” of this major addition.