Seamless Integration

Blend the new with the old. Seamless. Magic.

Our challenge on this project was to expand in an organic and natural way. No visual cues to show where the old house stopped and the new began. Although our client had plans when they came to us, the transitions and material selection were important to the end result.

On the exterior we needed to match the existing cedar shingles, roofing, and trim treatments. The Alaskan yellow cedar siding aged into place nicely. The cypress window trim was hand-milled in our shop from boards salvaged out of the Great Dismal Swamp.

Addition Marked

Barrel DoorInside, the transitions made for interesting work.  A barrel-arched doorway was the main point of connection to the new addition, replacing the built-in casework. The panels had to blend with the existing fireplace and mantle, which our client achieved with faux painting techniques.

Floor InlayThe floor is often the hardest integration point. In keeping with the coastal theme, we incorporated a custom herring bone inlay below the barrel doorway.

Custom ScreenCustom touches like this register cover, made in our shop,  make each project memorable and unique.

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